How to Disable Press and Hold Circle in Photoshop Using Wacom Tablet in Windows 10


This post was created to help fellow designers disable the annoying press and hold circle using a Wacom pen tablet with Windows 10.

If you’re reading this post you are probably as frustrated as I was when I installed my new tablet and started working in Photoshop CC using the brush tool only to find that press and hold circle limited the ability to draw.

The following should work for a variety of Wacom Pen Tablets and Windows operating systems but to provide further info on my equipment, I’m using a Wacom Intuos PRO (2018) and an LG GRAM with Windows 10.

Step 1

Navigate to Control Panel > Ease of Access


Step 2

Select Ease of Access Center


Step 3

Next, scroll down to Make touch and tablets easier to use


Step 4 & 5

Select Make touch easier to use, then in the Pen and Touch window, double-click Press and hold


Step 6

Uncheck and disable press and hold for right-clicking. Click OK and Apply the setting in the previous window.


That’s it – the problem should be solved! Please let me know if this helped in the comment section below.

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